The BEST and Only Way to SEE Alaska

Southeast Alaska’s grandeur has been written about, talked about, and dreamed about since the first Russian settlers stepped ashore over 200 years ago.

The area here is where vertical mountains meet the sea, culture is thick with native tradition, and full of pioneer spirit. Southeast Alaska is a place of a thousand islands with endless waterways, but few roads. Because of this, it's a destination best explored by the sea and island passages. Alaska Charter Service would like to invite you to experience Southeast Alaska aboard the Adventurous where diversity, mobility, and comfort come together to produce an Alaskan experience like no other.

Brown Bears Up Close!

Just Imagine your party anchoring each night in a secluded Alaska cove or bay and enjoying the freshest seafood dinner you've ever had, while watching a beautiful sunset. It's all possible on the Adventurous and Alaska Charter Service!

"an absolutely fun time seeing Alaska up close for five days! Thanks! --Manny Martin, GA.


Adventurous Skipper - Captain Travis Peterson

Travis Peterson

"I get asked all the time about my job and It only takes one trip on the Adventurous to answer that. I couldn't imagine a nicer 'office.' Each day what we share with you is completely different. Whether it's viewing a magnificent glacier, watching the eagles soar majestically, observing a pod of mighty whales or helping land a salmon, each time is like the first time. Each person who comes aboard the Adventurous becomes more than just a guest for five days - they become a lifetime friend. The crew and myself get an enormous amount of pleasure sharing these treasures from Southeast Alaska with our friends.May you always have fair winds and following seas!"

-Captain Travis Peterson

"What a winning combination! Stubborn halibut, feisty salmon, snappy crabs, surprise shrimp, and performing wildlife are part of the Adventurous experience. All this combined with remarkable scenery, comfortable accommodations, and an outstanding Captain and Crew create memories that will last a lifetime. Captain Travis and his crew wear many hats on this voyage: fishermen, tackle organizers, chefs, tour guides, and wildlife spotters to name a few. I can’t wait to hear “Whale on the starboard side!!!!!” this summer. Thank you for all the many adventures you have provided me throughout the years and for sharing the Real Alaska with us." -- Diane Petroski, Clark, NJ


What's New onboard the Adventurous


Activities Onboard the Adventurous While on Your Five Day Cruise

Mid Afternoon Break

Captain Travis and the Adventurous crew are devoted to making every trip a Southeast Alaska experience in some way or another. Whether it be world class salmon or halibut fishing, sightseeing, or watching wildlife up close, utilizing the freedom of mobility and the convenience of an ultra comfortable vessel built to accommodate guests, each day will offer a multitude of activities. Whether your group consists of "hard core fishermen," sightseers, photographers, or family members interested in exploring Southeast Alaska, the Adventurous crew will work to insure you have a world class Alaskan experience.  

  • Fishing (trolling, bottom fishing, spin, fly fishing)
  • Crabbing
  • Shrimping for Alaska Spot Prawns
  • Whale watching
  • Glacier viewing
  • Hot Springs
  • Hiking
  • Exploring shores
  • Beach combing
  • Photography
  • Cruising the Alaska Inside Passage

Taking the Plunge if you're so inclined!

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