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17 September 2012

Week of September 9-14, 2012

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September 16th, 2012

Hello from Southeast Alaska,

I say it and think about it every year at this time. September in Southeast Alaska is un-comparable! The crowds of fisherman on the plane are gone, the boat traffic is minimal and fishing/sightseeing are as good as it gets. It seems like this largest national forest the Tongass is all ours! This week we welcomed back good friends Derek and Laura Herrema, Brandon and Stephanie Bouma and first time Adventurous guests Peter and Dana Bouma. The week was packed with fun and fishing! Exploring, hiking and fishing the East side of Baranof Island we found terrific Salmon and Halibut fishing! Releasing a number of oversize Halibut everyone did manage to land some very nice keeper size fish. We managed to fit in 3 outstanding hikes, had a up and close look at a brown bear and even found some shrimp and crab! This was as much of a all around Southeast Alaska adventure as I can remember. Thank you all for joining us and we look forward to seeing you soon!!

From the wheelhouse

Captain Travis Peterson

The Ladies at on the Mist Falls trail.

Great Crabbing this week!!

Arriving on the Alaska Taxi

We had outstanding Coho fishing this week!

Peter doing some stream fishing.

Peter and Dana with a stream caught Coho.

Stephanie trying some fresh spot shrimp!

Just another meal on the Adventurous!

Stream fishing day!

Stephanie doing a little hi adventure hot tubing!

Brandon and Stephanie doing a little stream fishing.

07 September 2012

Week of September 2-6

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Mr. Dick Wright (the buffalo hunter) with one of the few Coho we landed in the Saltwater this week.

Bill Hiemann with one with one of the nice size keeper halibut from the week.

We had great whale shows this week!

The secret river entrance.

The Shrimp gals!

Carol with a nice stream caught Coho.

The fishing crew.

Mary with a nice stream caught Chum Salmon.

Adventurer and fly fisherman Mike Riewe doing little morning fishing.

Bill with a nice Coho.

The Buffalo hunter with a nice size Dungy crab from Tenakee Inlet.

Bill with a good size chum on the fly!

Mary doing a little fishing with the Bear.

Mary testing out the crab.

Chef Jerry at it again!!

01 September 2012

Week of August 26-30

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early morning run.

Betsy working the shrimp!

The Adventurous in Le Conte bay.

The old man putting the heat on the halibut

Jenn and Diane on the Ice

The old man with an XXL Snapper

The crew

James doing a little Ice climbing.

Southeast Alaska

Week of August 19-23 The Chicago boys

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The Chicago boys were back in town week. Full throttle fishing and wide open fun, these guys love to fish and really enjoy Southeast Ak!
Working our way from Sitka to Petersburg these boys had the chance to see some wide open fishing. Thanks to Dave, Brian, Tony, Joe, Ted and super fisherman bill for and outstanding week!

Joe with a nice Halibut.

Tony putting the heat on a big Halibut.

The fish killers with a nice stringer of fish!

Brian busting a few clays

Tony and Joe doing a little hiking.

Lucy helping James land a Coho

Its that time of year in Southeast

18 August 2012

Week of Aug 11-15. Team Delta Western

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Jay and JD with a couple of nice Sockeye!

Plenty of Bear this week! Chef Jerry got this good shot!

Jim with a nice Coho!

Marcus with his Grog flag on Adventurous.

The Crew Kirk, Marcus, Bob and Big John

The boys with a few Kings and Coho

Momma with the cubs

Mr. Bogan with a nice King Salmon

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